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Startup of New Agencies

Plan of Correction

Compliance Assessment/Mock Surveys

ADR or ZPIC Support

Clinical Due Diligence: Pre-Acquisition

Corporate Compliance Program Development

Educational Opportunities

Offered for Administrator, Nursing, and Social Worker hours

QAPI Outsourcing

Accreditation Preparation

Our Process

Nursing Bridges Consulting will conduct an assessment of risk areas and assist you in developing a plan for any problem areas. The survey includes:
  1. Assessment of Administrative and Clinical Processes​
  2. Audit of clinical records
  3. Review of patient eligibility and length of stay​
  4. Audit of all levels of home health care provided​
  5. Evaluation of compliance with State and Federal rules and regulations​
  6. Review of practices in relation to the risk areas

Accreditation Help

Preparing your business for the various of regulatory agencies and commissions can be complicated. Nursing Bridges offers accreditation consultation in preparation for:

The Joint Commission for Accreditation (TJC)

The Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP)

State Regulatory Agency

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